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Which is the best, low-priced, and non-cheating organization that can hold my hand and tell me point to point as to what I need to do, to start and develop a business?

Questioned by Shya Mdu | Answered by Joe Bellissimo

Doesn’t exist.

My business coaches people through starting businesses but we don’t do it for cheap.

The challenge is that we found that the results or clients get is closely associated with the money they are investing in the service. When we work with individuals that don’t have the certainty to back themselves with an investment that makes them uncomfortable, then they aren’t committed enough to the process.

Find yourself a peer group.

Look for other business owners who are starting out or just ahead of you and hang out with them. On LinkedIn, on Facebook on other platforms, wherever. This is how I grew my business when I was starting out.

There are tons of free networking groups that you could attend that will get you in proximity to other business owners.

Our company runs a free networking meeting that can help with exactly that. Look for free networking events like the one we run and start with proximity.

There is a reason why people say “Proximity is Power”.

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