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Life transformational program with a personal touch

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This bespoke program includes...

An all encompassing life transformation program

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This life transformation program will support you to create a life on your own terms. Consider this the instruction manual to take yourself from a place of uncertainty to a place of absolute and unshakable certainty for you and your family.

Jo Jackson

You will have direct access to one of our Certified Life Coaches to facilitate your journey through the Impactful Living Program.

Grow! Masterminds

Gain Gold Membership to Master Your Potential and take advantage of our weekly personal development online mastermind, accountability system and WhatsApp support group.

What you can expect from The Impactful Living Program

Getting clear on life as you know it. Look to the stars for your new reality.

In Week 1 we will focus on getting you clear on all aspects of your life. You wouldn’t go for a long road trip without first consulting Google Maps. Consider this your GPS system.

In Week 2 we’ll uncover the values which have been lighting your way for your entire life. Once you know these, you can begin to take control of your life.

In the second week of values work, we’ll solidify your understanding of your values and use this knowledge to create practical tools to keep your life on track moving forward.

In Week 4 we’ll figure out what truly motivates you. Do you want greater control over your life? Why? Do you desire more freedom? Why? No, really, why? Not just your first answer but the REAL answer.

With everything you learn about your values and what drives you, you can now create a compelling vision for your life from this point. Something you really identify with:  your purpose and direction.

Grow! Masterminds

Getting real about creating the launch pad for your new life.

Now that you are clear on your vision, its time to work on the person you need to be in order to make it a reality.

Week 7 is about putting pen to paper and translating your vision into actionable goals. Complement your newly developed vision board with a goals board.

Now it’s time to reclaim your time by developing your not-to-do list. We’ll dismantle the parts of your life that are not supporting your vision to make space for the things that will.

Your patterns, habits and behaviors have led you to the life you live today. In Week 10 we’ll dive in and gain a better understanding of the programming running your life.

Launching into your new life with absolute clarity and certainty.

With all of time and energy you’ve gained by developing your not-to-do list, it’s now time to create new habits, rituals and patterns that serve you in your vision moving forward.

The first step in launching your new life is to shed the old one. In this week we will close off all of your open projects and close the gap.

Week 12 is integration week. We’ll reconcile all of the work you’ve have done and set you on a path to success. We’ll support you in discovering what specific actions you should take and where to focus your energy. Bring your program to a close with a firm understanding of “What’s next for me?”.

What this program can do for you

Gain absolute clarity and unshakeable certainty about where you are now and where you are going in life. Know what drives you and how to create a sustainable approach to the rest of your life.

Your energy will be redirected to the places that serve you best. No more floundering around in life. You will now live with purpose and direction.

You will behave differently, talk differently and most importantly, people will start responding to you differently. They will see your confidence and certainty and wonder where it came from. Shhh… It can be our little secret.

So, how does this all work?

12 Weeks of Modules

Over 12 weeks you'll complete modules on topics such as Mindset, Health, Relationships, Money as well as Purpose and Direction.

Weekly Individual Coaching

Your coach will be your teammate on your journey. You will have weekly sessions to support you in creating breakthroughs.

VIP Support

Whether it be Facebook, WhatsApp or a Zoom call, you will always feel connected and supported throughout the program.

Further information

This is a bespoke program that requires a high level of commitment and a willingness to learn.

The Ultimate Experience is not for everyone, so there is an application process before you are accepted into the program.