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Reaching Your Calm: Powerful Grounding Techniques

Burnout, exhaustion, stress and the sensation of being buried under a tidal wave of responsibilities. To many people this is the reality of working in a 24/7 world. However, there are ways to replace these negative experiences with the feelings of presence, embodiment and calm. 

Imagine connecting to all that is around you and, despite the disruptions that may ultimately bring, still be able to maintain the sensation of “home”. With physical benefits including reduced inflammation, improved immune response, improved blood flow and lowered stress response, grounding can have significant benefits to your life and your health. Similar to centring, the act of grounding is a quick and positive way to bring you back into your body, and the present moment, when you are feeling stressed or scattered.

Although the benefits of grounding are best proven by direct experience, the work done by Chevalier G. and Clinton Ober can provide strong evidence on the benefits of a regular grounding practice. The Cambridge Dictionary defines grounded as “Sensible: Someone who is grounded makes good decisions…”. With research accumulated over the last fifteen years proving the benefits, both physical and mental, of a good grounding practice, many entrepreneurs have started to use some simple time-smart grounding techniques to improve their day to day lives.

Controlled breathing

One grounding method is controlled breathing, which requires you to close your eyes and bring your attention to your body as you breathe. With each inhale (best done through your nose) allow your mind to focus on the air as it fills your lungs. Next, slowly exhale through your nose or mouth while again focusing on the path of the air as it escapes your body. This slow and steady breathing technique allows you to follow the movement of air in and out of your body, feeling your diaphragm move with each breath. Doing this slowly for three to five breaths is an effective grounding and centring technique as, by focusing on your body, you can observe and feel the flow of breath rather than the thoughts or worries running through your mind.

Cover Your Crown

Another quick and easy way to ground yourself is to ‘Cover Your Crown’. Designed to focus your mind on the feeling of connection between you and the earth, Cover Your Crown is a simple method for bringing your awareness back into your body. Remarkably effective for such a simple grounding technique, Cover Your Crown requires less than a minute to complete. Place a single hand on the very top point (crown) of your head and hold it there with your eyes closed, making sure to feel the connection between your hand, your body and the earth.

Cold Shower Technique

For those individuals who have a little more time to spare, the Cold Shower Technique is both a fantastic grounding method and a way to improve your physical health. Benefits such as increased immunity and fat reduction have been reported as side effects of this grounding practice which can be employed in one of two ways. The first is, of course, to have a purely cold shower by not even touching the hot water tap. However, this type of approach is not for everyone (particularly in winter). Instead, you can gain some of the benefits by choosing to end your normal shower with thirty seconds of cold water. If you want to increase this amount and build up to the full cold water shower; gradually increasing the amount of time you remain under the cold water at the end of each shower over a three to four week period will help acclimatise your body to the colder temperature. It is important to be aware that the Cold Shower Technique is not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure.

The world is a busy place filled with goals, responsibilities and enough chaos to ensure that no two days are the same. With burnout being a key reason for many entrepreneurs’ failing health and high stress levels, grounding is a simple and scientifically supported technique that can become an incredibly powerful personal tool.

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