Mastery Movement

What is the Mastery Movement?

A supportive community.

Keep in touch with other members of the mastery movement. Having a quality peer group is one of the best things you can do to foster your own mastery.

Accountability coaching.

Meet with the community and our mentors once a week to state your one important thing. Evidence shows simply stating your goals makes you more likely to achieve them.

Curated masterminds.

Our expert mentors will help you with Personal Performance, Health & Wellbeing and Business. All the support you need, packaged up in a single evening.


Communicate on our chat platform away from the distractions of social media.

Accountability Coaching

Join a weekly meeting at 6:30PM Sydney time every Monday. It’s a fun environment where we state our goals for the week.

Store your goals in our custom mastermind platform and track your progress.

Share your goals with other members to build accountability and improve your success.

Curated Masterminds

The Mastery Movement has been established to provide everything in one space. Our mentors cover all aspects of performance and business with our skilled professionals:

Choose this option to have Jo Jackson will show you her favourite tips for how to use 2MM Shifts to Master Your Potential. Bring your notepad and pen to take notes.

Description of agenda from GROW! Platform.

Jo will share her High-Performance tip of the week.

This could be anything relevant to making that all-important consistent 2MM shift. 

Final comments and send off our VIP masters. 

Choose this option to have Emily Anger show you how to connect your physical, mental and emotional domains to become the best version of yourself.

Emily will share her weekly tip for body and life transformation. We will then move into our group coaching session and work with the group to identify their biggest challenges and provide solutions based on her expertise.

Final comments and send off our VIP masters.

Choose this option to invest 45 minutes with Joe Bellissimo as we talk business!

Introduce yourself with the following format:

  • Your name
  • The country you are currently living in
  • The name of your business
  • The type of client you help

In this segment, we will pick a few members to discuss their wins from last week and deconstruct the mechanics of how they got there to provide learning for the other members.

In this segment, we will get an opportunity to talk about our plans.

Share your awesome agenda with our supportive community.


Our tiered membership package offers support at every level with 1-1 and group coaching support.

Mastery Movement Community

$ 30 per month
  • Weekly Group Accountability Coaching
  • Access the GROW! Masterminds Platform

Mastery Movement VIP

$ 97 per month
  • Everything from MM Community
  • Weekly Group Life, Fitness & Business Coaching Session
  • BONUS: Access to 300+ Networking Meetings Per Month - Valued at $42/month

1-to-1 Mentorship

Contact Us
  • Everything from MM VIP
  • Mentorship from Jo, Emily or Joe


Our vision is to change the lives of 10 000 000 people in 10 years by creating products and services that lead everyday people into their own mastery.

The Mastery Movement supports the RAW Impact Charity that reduces the impact of poverty for the Cambodian people. 5% of all gross earnings to The Mastery Movement are directly donated to reduce the impact of poverty and uplift the next generations of Cambodians who have been decimated since the reign of Pol Pot.

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