Mastermind Group Terms & Conditions

Non Disclosure & Privacy

Grow Masterminds creates safe spaces for collaboration and discussion. To maintain these safe spaces, we require all members and guests to respect the privacy and intellectual property of every individual who attends a meeting. 

As a member or guest, you are not permitted to engage in discussions or share information pertaining to the conversations or the nature of conversations that occur within the masterminds, private or otherwise. 

If you wish to seek to discuss or share any information that has been discussed or inferred in a mastermind meeting you have participated in, you must seek the explicit permission of all parties who are involved, directly or indirectly by that information.

Recommendations & Suggestions

All suggestions and recommendations provided by mastermind mentors or members is general in nature. Due to the format of the meetings, it is not plausible for mentors to be able to offer the same sort of service they offer in 1-to-1 programs with coaching agreements in place. 

Additionally, since the meetings are masterminds, other members are part of conversations they may not be qualified to discuss but have relevant insights they may contribute to the suggestions made in the mastermind. It is your duty to decide and choose what recommendations and suggestions you will follow. 

In any situations where finances, health or legal implications are concerned, it is your duty to discuss this with your relevant practitioner or qualified professional. While our mentors, and even members, have experience and/or qualifications in the field(s) they are mentoring, it is important to note that some industries are unregulated and thus it is even more important that you take a common sense approach to your mentorship within our masterminds. 

Grow Masterminds does not take any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for outcomes or actions that arise from conversations had in our mastermind meetings. Grow Masterminds participants are autonomous human beings who are fully responsible and accountable for their actions, inside or outside of our meetings.