The Launchpad

A two hour business growth workshop on the 2nd Saturday of the month

Growing your business has never been this easy.

“The biggest business failures are the ones who fail to even start.”

What you will get out of the workshop


By the end of the workshop you're going to know exactly where you're going and where to take your business next.


By following the process, you will learn what steps you need to take in order to achieve the next level.

Practical Steps

You will leave the workshop with a set of practical steps that will lead you to increased revenue & growth.

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7 Key Areas for Business Growth. 1 Amazing Workshop.

How do you make something complicated very simple?

Easy. By breaking it down into smaller pieces.

We focus on the 7 most important areas of your business to drive growth.

Mission: Your Vision

Are you going to Mars or are you going to the moon? Or are you staying on the launchpad? Without a mission, your flight is going nowhere.

Pilot: Your Performance

Is the pilot in peak condition? Would your team trust you to pilot them safely to your destination? Do you trust yourself?

Rocket Blueprints: Product Design & Creativity

Have you designed a rocket with enough fuel to make it there? Will your products go the distance? Are they priced correctly?

Mission Control: Systems & People

Can you rely on your mission control? Do you have people, processes and systems in place to support the growth of your business?

Engine: Sales & Marketing

You’re not leaving the ground without a working engine. What do your metrics look like? Leads? Appointments? Presentations? Sales?

Crowd: Your Peer Group

Who’s cheering on your launch? Do you have the right people around you to share your wins and mastermind your challenges?

Radar: Research & Customer Feedback

What’s it like out there? Have you done your research? How are your existing clients responding to your offerings?

Our Awesome Workshop Mentors

We’re here to help you grow your online business one step at a time

Your Mission Director

Ludwig Del Rosario

Business Consultant @ Blastoff Consulting

Ludwig has 10 years of experience working in the US financial industry and also worked as a consultant for small businesses in the US providing management tools to help businesses scale up and grow.

Former Blastoff Student

Joe Bellissimo

Business Advisor @ Business Advisory Works

Joe has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing and has created several businesses to help service small business owners and provide them with the necessary solutions to scale their business.

The Launchpad Workshop

Get the support you need from experts that have done it all before. Make your very own launch to the solar system as easy as theirs.

$ 497
  • 2 Hour Blastoff Workshop To Launch Your Business Into the Solar System
  • BONUS: 30 Day Mastermind Access (Valued at $500)
  • BONUS: 10 Hours Virtual Assistant Support (Valued at $100)

The first question shouldn’t be how. It should be why.

Thoughts still muddy? Hesitation in starting? Our workshop makes everything so clear on why you have to start. You’ll feel like you never really had to ask.

How do you manage your health?

The final key to greater success in your business is your performance. When you’re performing at your best, your business will too.

How are you getting better?

Innovation is key to getting and staying ahead in business. How have you been growing over the past 12 weeks?

How's the performance of your team?

Your systems and processes can either serve you or hinder you. A successful business uses its creativity to innovate then systemizes those innovations and sees a positive impact on its sales because of this

How is your sales and marketing?

Nothing happens if the engine doesn’t start. Sales and Marketing provide all of the momentum so that your hard work can be converted into money. You can’t run a business without money, so it’s imperative to keep an eye on these numbers.