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I want to start a small business with a budget of $10,000 in Sydney with friends. What business can we start as an international student?

Questioned by Sarad Poudel | Answered by Joe Bellissimo

There are literally millions of things you could do.

But, that’s not helpful.

A more useful approach would be to identify what you enjoy doing and what you’re particularly good at.

Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you enjoy doing. Take another sheet of paper and write down everything that you are very good at.

Look for a pattern. If you see things come up on both sides, start looking into those things.

There is deeper work you could do, such as working out what your core values are. This takes a little more effort, however, if you identify that you value helping people, it would make it much easier to identify the kind of businesses that would work for you.

Keep in mind, most businesses succeed through consistency. It’s a little skill, a lot of luck, and a whole boatload of consistency that will make your business successful so it’s incredibly important to find things that you will be able to find the motivation to be doing 12 months from now without burning out or getting bored.

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