Personal Development

middle-aged man's eye

Midlife crisis or awareness?

The mid-life crisis, as we know it, is usually ear-marked with realisation that life is halfway over, what has been worked for can all be lost, and no-one is exempt from death. It’s time to acknowledge that we have the power to leverage our dissatisfaction instead of hurtling into a state of depression and becoming our own self-fulfilling prophecy. How do we produce certainty for the future when the world is not giving it to us? We create it.

Self-Awareness: Your Canary in the Coal Mine

Too often, we go about our day in a state of automatic reactivity to the world around us, resulting in cyclic patterns of pain and suffering. Self-awareness is key to managing the extent to which the external world affects us. It starts whistling to us long before we experience the pain of emotional reactivity, if only we’d pay it closer attention.